A Beginner’s Step-by-Step Guide to the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

November 15, 2016 / robm

The Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform has been generating a lot of interest from enterprise heads because of the way it addresses problems of efficiency and agility. Application developers find it a flexible, user-friendly platform that accommodates the most important aspects of the app development process, such as the cloud, mobility of devices, and integration with microservices.

This review from Oliver’s Blog actually deconstructs the operational processes of OpenShift to make its Container Platforms more understandable and thus relevant to the user. It explains the solution’s advantages, discusses its infrastructure and different components, and finally gives a step-by-step guide on its installation and implementation.

If you’ve had a lot of questions since OpenShift Container Platform launched, this is the article to read. – Cora Llamas.


Read the source article at oliverveits.wordpress.com

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