Red Hat OpenShift – One container platform to address a broad spectrum of enterprise deployments

November 12, 2016 / robm

InfoWorld gives a glowing review of Red Hat Inc.’s OpenShift, the container platform that addresses many business concerns about enterprise deployment. Deployments of applications, computer languages, and databases are done through one platform that integrates all of them seamlessly. The entire solution is self-servicing, user-friendly, and is not resource-consuming. Developers and operators will find it efficient and helpful in launching and running applications, from development, testing, to actual operations. This Platform-as-a-service can run within the company’s premises or in the cloud.

The following article elaborates on the function and processes of OpenShift in great detail. It touches on how it embraces the Linux method and its various models including production environment and developer’s desktop. It explains how it maximizes storage capacity, boosts management capabilities with enhanced visibility, and readies the organization for innovation. Read on for more. – Cora Llamas.



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