3 Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Container Platform

November 12, 2016 / robm

Agility, flexibility, the lightweight factor, ability to scale  –  these are just some of the advantages that container platforms bring to business owners. The demands of the market likewise seem to make their purchase a necessity, not an option. But as the Fair Trading Commission will advise you, educating yourself about your product is your responsibility, and not the supplier of the container platform. It is the job of their sales team to obtain your interest, but it is your responsibility to ask the hard questions before you turn over your credit card. Gather as much information as you can, compare product qualities, and weigh all that with your own business needs.

This TechBeacon article also advises you to learn the challenges in deploying container platforms. Sometimes, these difficult areas are easily dismissed because word of mouth has spread about the advantages mentioned above. Still, the article mentions little-known but vital aspects like compatibility of your application with your preferred container platform product. It also mentions studying the boundaries in your IT that could be exposed to risk if the integration is not smooth.

By all means, appreciate the benefits of the container platforms. However, study their challenges as well, and how your organization can respond to them. – Cora Llamas.

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